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I just wanted to post a little disclaimer that this webpage is pretty much as is. I just updated it for the first time in 4 years to move it off of Geocities, which went out of business. I don't have any new files to post, and there have been two new Doctors since I made this page, so feel free to enjoy it as is, but you needn't worry about it being updated again anytime soon. :)

Original Introduction: I've noticed that there seems to be a shortage of Doctor Who pages with sounds. As I do have a somewhat decent collection of Doctor Who WAV Files, I thought I'd contribute my two cents to the world.

Note: I will not put up any WAV files that can be found at The Doctor Who Wav Archives. Of course, I am providing this link so you can find them. If I don't have what you want (which is very likely), check out that link. He's done a great job.

Image of 1st Doctor
1st Doctor (William Hartnell)

Image of 2nd Doctor
2nd Doctor (Patrick Troughton)

Image of 3rd Doctor
3rd Doctor (Jon Pertwee)

Image of 4th Doctor
4th Doctor (Tom Baker)

Image of 5th Doctor
5th Doctor (Peter Davison)

Image of 6th Doctor
6th Doctor (Colin Baker)

Image of 7th Doctor
7th Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)

Image of 8th Doctor
8th Doctor (Paul McGann)

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